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Yes, I Am The Surgeon

Dr. Lattisha Bilbrew’s “Yes I Am The Surgeon” is an inspirational tale characterized by the acts of a courageous women paving the way for other women who aspire to pursue the medical path. Her book details the origin of the tenacity and fervor that would fuel her fire throughout the next chapters of her life.

Each chapter is filled with nutritional gems that serve as tokens of wisdom to any women interested in medicine. She chronicles how her and sister’s British, Jamaican roots translated into a fight with racism. The Rowe sister’s vs the American school system. She also dives into each lesson she’s learned throughout her life, how they applied to other aspects of her life later, and how her family aided her in navigating murky waters. She simplifies her life into three parts, the birth of her medical interest and her struggles as a British, Jamaican youth in North America, her transition into her adulthood and autonomy and her experience as a budding medical student surrounded by predominantly Caucasian men, and where she is now as a successful orthopedic surgeon and as one of the most prestigious women in her field in the state of Georgia. She reveals the grimy underbelly of higher medical education in America for minority women as she speaks about her days in residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch Hospital. She elaborates on the racist and misogynistic disposition of her male peers she had to endure and overcome.

“Yes I am the surgeon” is the story of a little girl toiling through the woes of the trials and tribulations of a new land. From the conditioning she’d faced from her early life experiences she’d developed the vertebrae to carry the burdens of the many hats she’d come to wear. After discovering her affinity for Orthopedic surgery she’d blossom into a woman who’s demeanor was marinated in seniority, success, and admirability. She’d not only go on to perform life altering surgeries for patients in need, but she’d also go on to lend her seasoned palms to other physicians who endeavored to step into entrepreneurial shoes. Overall Dr. Lattisha Bilbrew’s story is one worth reading, each letter comes together to form a series of words that culminates into a beautiful image of black female influence, relentless discipline, and brilliance. It's an especially utilitarian piece of media for those who aspire to break into the medical field. She walks you through each experience she’s had and experience you may face as a woman of color in that field and provides the moral of each story she tells. Any number of inquiries you may have will be promptly extinguished once you’ve read her book.


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